Alphabet of 26 ceramic sculptures engulfing trees, as part of Biotoop, a public art route opened in the city of Amstelveen in 2021. 

26 ceramic objects hidden under the tree foliage have assigned letters from A to Z and act as a scavenger hunt within the main route.
The sculptures are based on the phenomenon of edaphoecotropism, the ability of trees to engulf, grow around or break objects they encounter in their growth.The objects attribute small, sometimes magical, fictional events to the habitat of the trees and function as an informative pennant for remarkable incidents packaged as facts in the public space of neighborhoods Bovenkerk and Westwijk. As a result of its growth, the tree can ultimately choose to embrace or break with these applied characteristics.

Graphics and visual identity by Joseph Hughes
Curated by Ellis Kat  Commissioned by Kunstmest Consulting 
Photos by Liza Wolters