TO ENGULF - poster, manual and objects

To Engulf is based on how humans tend to personalise nature and how nature can use a beautiful phenomenon to fight back to it, or as a result, simply swallow these objects of appropriation.

When a tree is growing and it encounters something that gets in the way of it's growth, it can do three things: stop growing, grow away from it or grow around it. Is it possible that there are objects entirely consumed by trees that we don't know about?

The (in total 85) ceramic objects in their original installation were adoptable and meant to be taken home and installed somewhere in a tree near you. The tree can decide what to do with them; grow around it and become a sculpture itself or break the object by the pressure of its growth.

A manual which folds open as a poster print explaining the nature of the work accompanies every object There are about 25 objects left. To reserve one, send an e-mail.