Orchestrating Coincidence is a project by Hilde Onis and Liza Wolters,
an edition of 30 unique sculptures existing of 26 individuals,
2 pairs and 5 artist proofs.

With Orchestrating Coincidence, Hilde Onis and Liza Wolters take on the representation of the
in-between,resulting in a series of 30 sculptures that defy odds by finding connection
at their breaking point. By developing a method that aims to constrain but meanwhile evokes accident,
the series’ individual objects have a say in controlling it’s own contours.

Departing from these notions, they explore existing linear views of (gendered) positive
and negative space in sculpture. The thirty unique sculptures are paired with an emphasizing
publication that plays with character assignment. The printed leporello catalog integrally touches upon
what it means to collect and be one of a whole.

Next to the catalog, the series connects to an essay written synchronously to their production.
Constructed through and around various artists and thinkers who take erosion, fragility, interspace
and the ‘failure’ of objects in their original function as their point of departure, the text explores content emerging from parenthesis and absent material.

To purchase the edition visit: www.orchestratingcoincidence.com  (9, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 29 & 30 sold)       
Every sculpture comes with corresponding packaging and a
printed leporello catalog designed by graphic designer Janne Beldman.            

Separate catalog: €26 + shipping 

EXHIBITION at Nieuw Charlois
Till 25th of February, the edition as a whole can be seen at Gallery Nieuw Charlois
in a site-specific installation. Opening hours are 10-17h, from Wednesday till Saturday.

Wolphaertsbocht 81, Rotterdam